Gallery: General Monochrome

A Man Feeding Swans in the Snow

1° classified

Author: Marcin Ryczek (PL)

Location: Poland (Krakow)

Description: This photograph was taken in Krakow, from the Grunwald bridge. The nature-created contrast of white snow and dark water, separated by the straight line of the waterfront, serves as a reflection of the Yin-Yang symbol which represents opposing yet complementary forces.

Cock Fighting

2° classified

Author: Pimpin Nagawan (ID)

Location: Jakarta

Description: This photo was taken in Jakarta and shows two men who proudly watch their roosters fighting. Cockfighting is one of the most common traditions among several Indonesian cultures.

Il gondoliere

3° classified

Author: Giuseppe Antonio Valletta (IT)

Location: Venezia

Description: This photo is taken on Malvasia Vecchia Bridge, in Venice, in one of the most photographed places in the world, where you can still find unique moments at a glance. The author has photographed this gondolier, towards the end of a hard day's work, while he was returning home with his dog.

Secret Sisters

3° classified

Author: Arief Siswandhono (ID)

Location: Banyuwangi

Description: Fina is our second child and now her mother is pregnant with her third child. I created this photograph to show her that the sex of any new baby is a secret of God and they are like fabric-covered models.

Ink rhyme of sea

Honorable Mention

Author: Zhiwei Chen (CN)

Location: Xiapu, Zhejiang Province, China

Description: Early in the morning, a fisherman is crossing with purse seines. The high key technique used on the bamboo emphasizes the prosperity of fishing, in order to show the life of a fishermen as a good one, better than reality.

Longest Journey

Honorable Mention

Author: Milad Safabakhsh (IR)

Location: Kerman - Iran

Description: Photo-manipulation work. This photo was taken in Kerman - Iran.


Honorable Mention

Author: Alla Sokolova (FR)

Location: Singapore Zoo

Description: Don't expect it will be easier or simpler in the future. It won't be. There will always be difficulties. Learn to be happy right now, otherwise, it might be too late.

I'm nothing

Honorable Mention

Author: Gunarto Gunawan (ID)

Location: Bagan, Myanmar

Description: The image was taken in one of Bagan’s temples in Myanmar. It captures a very special moment when a sunbeam enters through a small window and hits the statue’s heart while a monk is cleaning the statue at the same time.


Honorable Mention

Author: Garcia Lucas (ES)

Location: New York

Description: How often have we had a similar situation? How many times have we decided to start something big with too little? A job, a business, a wedding, a decision that changes everything. How many times have we been like this little sail boat?


Honorable Mention

Author: Hesham Alhumaid (SA)

Location: India

Description: In a street of Jaipur I saw a dog sleeping on one side while, on the other side, there was also a man sleeping. This made me think about their relationship, their being in the same place and maybe experiencing the same emotions.

Cheerful conversation

Honorable Mention

Author: Mine Ertugrul (TR)

Location: Istanbul / Turkey

Description: Two elderly men who enjoy a jovial conversation in a mosque courtyard. Life is intimately connected with dialogue.

Entre Noir Et Blanc

Honorable Mention

Author: Patrick Ems (CH)

Location: Switzerland - Einsiedeln

Description: Between black and white - a coastline sensually divides black from white creating an open space for contrasts, allowing details to become visible.

Transition a

Remarkable Award

Author: Lanfeng Chen (CN)

From water 2

Remarkable Award

Author: Sergey Anisimov (RU)


Remarkable Award

Author: Buket Ozatay (CY)

Going Home On The Sand Dunes

Remarkable Award

Author: Danny Yen Sin Wong (MY)

Racing camels

Remarkable Award

Author: AbdulAziz Albagshi (SA)

Desert kid

Remarkable Award

Author: Fadhel Almutaghawi (BH)


Remarkable Award

Author: Majid Alamri (OM)

Three Pillars Ascension

Remarkable Award

Author: Pier Mane (ZA)

Thingyan water festival

Remarkable Award

Author: Hoang Long Ly (VN)

Gaming During Recess

Remarkable Award

Author: Yue Zhang (CN)

Pilgrims to Macca

Remarkable Award

Author: Nasser Alrabeai (SA)

Dancing trees

Remarkable Award

Author: Daniel Řeřicha (CZ)

Shot at the terminal point

Remarkable Award

Author: Guangjian Li (CN)

Sea Heroes

Remarkable Award

Author: Salah Alrawas (OM)

Rapa das Bestas

Remarkable Award

Author: Bartłomiej Jurecki (PL)

Fighting stallion

Remarkable Award

Author: Marradi Alessio (IT)

The Office

Remarkable Award

Author: Noel Baldewijns (BE)