Gallery: Journeys & Adventures

At World's End

1° classified

Author: Alessandra Meniconzi (CH)

Location: Yamal, Siberia, Russia

Description: The Nenets are the last nomadic people left in Russia, leading a precarious existence in an inhospitable autonomous district in Northwest Siberia. The Yamal-Nenets district is a glacial place where winter temperatures fall to -40°C or even -50°C. Olya, six years old, helps her parents with chores by collecting wood for the fire.

Selfie Culture

2° classified

Author: Jelena Jankovic (RS)

Location: Pula, Croatia

Description: The year 2016 reminds me of the time when selfie culture started to determine our existence; everybody needs to know where we are and what we are doing. While we are waiting for the approval of others, we miss the opportunity to enjoy the mysterious world around us. The photo was taken at the Massive Attack concert in Pula.


3° classified

Author: Pronob Ghosh (BD)

Location: Lalbagh, Bangalore, India

Description: In Bangalore, India, I went for a walk in Lalbagh area where I found a lot of beautifully painted walls. I noticed the girl in my picture was busy talking on her phone, and the background somehow reminded me of all the verbal abuse girls face in their daily life. Without hesitating I captured the moment. The real reason why the murals are made is to prevent people from urinating on the road and also giving the area a very colorful look.

Poplars in sand sea

3° classified

Author: Chuansheng Wang (CN)

Location: Xinjiang Province

Description: In the month of October Koral, in the South of Xinjiang, is the hometown of pears. The desert region is full of Gobi populous.

A dream come true

Honorable Mention

Author: Nadia Aly (US)

Location: Tonga

Description: A dream come true: the first swim with a very interactive humpback whale. The adventure of a lifetime. Dancing with the whales.


Honorable Mention

Author: Xingxing Yang (CN)

Location: Jiangbian village, Fuding city, Fujian province of China.

Description: A fisherman on a tiny boat works on the peaceful sea which looks like an unbroken mirror. The looming coastline and a flock of flying pigeons contribute to produce a picturesque landscape.

Fishing with lights

Honorable Mention

Author: Emmanuel Rondeau (FR)

Location: Lake Victoria, Kenya

Description: On the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria, fishermen are covering the lake with light to attract fishes. Victim of overfishing, the lake is slowly recovering and only a few number of fishing villages survive on its shores. After installing the lights, the men will then spend the entire night on the lake, hoping for better tomorrows.

Chronicle of transition

Honorable Mention

Author: Songge Cui (CN)

Location: Xinjiang,China

Description: From the end of May to the beginning of June, Kazak herders are busy moving cattles and sheep to different summer pastures.


Honorable Mention

Author: Carlos F. Turienzo (ES)

Location: Skaftafell, Iceland

Description: After walking for about 4 km over the snow, we reached this spot where we enjoyed a magnificent view of the Skeiðarárjökull Glacier, located in the Vatnajökull National Park.

Long March Home

Honorable Mention

Author: Sankar Sridhar (IN)

Location: Himachal Pradesh

Description: Sanju, a shepherd of the Gaddi community, guides his flock across the 4,800 mt Thamsar Pass in Himachal Pradesh, on the Indian side of Himalayas.

Macerazione dei semi di senape

Honorable Mention

Author: Edoardo Agresti (IT)

Location: Asmara - Eritrea

Description: The air was so full of the dust and exhalations coming from the maceration of mustard seeds that even with a wet cloth on the face it was hard to breathe. Nevertheless they kept working as if it was normal.


Honorable Mention

Author: Aristeidis Apostolopoulos (IT)

Location: Myanmar

Description: I was in Shan State in northern Myanmar when I saw the workers of a mine carrying the coal in baskets over their heads. I waited for the zenith click in order to show only the hands of a young woman.


Remarkable Award

Author: Xiangli Zhang (CN)


Remarkable Award

Author: Xiaolu Tu (CN)


Remarkable Award

Author: Aristeidis Apostolopoulos (IT)

Il Volo

Remarkable Award

Author: Willy Sanson (IT)

Ship of the Desert

Remarkable Award

Author: Mohammad Awadh (KW)

Corpus Christi

Remarkable Award

Author: Alessandra Meniconzi (CH)

Between My Thoughts

Remarkable Award

Author: Ali Al-Zaidi (KW)

U Bein Bridge

Remarkable Award

Author: Chen Ruiyuan (CN)

Breaking the fast in congregation

Remarkable Award

Author: Noor Ahmed Gelal (BD)

Wall Of Death Stunt

Remarkable Award

Author: MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan (BD)

Cave Dwellers

Remarkable Award

Author: Scott Portelli (AU)

Song of herding sheep

Remarkable Award

Author: Muyang Zhou (CN)

Old tea house

Remarkable Award

Author: Wenhui Yan (CN)

On the class

Remarkable Award

Author: Jilin Lv (CN)

Prayer Time

Remarkable Award

Author: Forhad Kamaly (BD)