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1° classified

Author: Krishna Vr (MX)

Location: México

Description: Ofelia, Ofelia I feel something is missing since you went away. Now all my thoughts are drowning, my words are less than before. Everything became blue but you.


2° classified

Author: Spencer Cox (US)

Location: Jökulsárlón Beach, Iceland

Description: One of the most dramatic sights in Iceland is the incredible Jökulsárlón beach, where icebergs routinely wash ashore. This particular piece of ice was the most interesting one that I saw. Although it melted into the sea soon after I took this photograph, its incredible beauty is unforgettable.

Raised from the water

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Author: Mateusz Piesiak (PL)

Location: Barycz Valley, Poland

Description: When the ponds dry up, thousands of birds gather around them as it is a great occasion to eat fish. I hid in my hiding place before dawn. Gulls appeared first. I started to experiment with my camera settings to capture the birds in motion. Finally, I took a photo I liked.

Playing bear cubs

Honorable Mention

Author: Lasse Kurkela (FI)

Location: Suomussalmi, Finland

Description: The cubs were very playful and every now and then showed attraction for each other just by lying next to each other or even hugging. The smaller cub was a male and the bigger was a female.

Mère courage

Honorable Mention

Author: Laurent Dumas (FX)

Location: Farne Islands, Northern Scotland

Description: This photo is a great memory of the short moment I shared with a mother cormoran under the wild gusts of the ocean.

I colossi di Shanghai

Honorable Mention

Author: Luca Eberle (IT)

Location: Cina

Description: This photo is the result of a long exposure and was taken at the foot of three of the tallest skyscrapers in Shanghai: the Shanghai World Financial Center (left), the Shanghai Tower (center) and the Jin Mao Tower (right).


Honorable Mention

Author: Rosemary Despres (GB)

Location: Guernsey

Description: This image is part of a school project which aimed to portray each of the seasons and personify them. I used my sister Heather as the human embodiment of Autumn, making her appear mythical and unattainable: she he is lying on the ground, as part of the Earth; the rich autumnal tones of her hair blend into the ground.

Osprey fishing

Honorable Mention

Author: Tommi Kurkela (FI)

Location: Kangasala, Finland

Description: This picture was taken on a summer evening from a hut in the Osprey Foundation's Pohtiolampi Osprey Center in Kangasala, Finland. The Osprey was successful and captured a fish.

Affinità apparenti

Remarkable Award

Author: Alessia Antonini (IT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Hans Findling (DE)

Monochromatic Stairs

Remarkable Award

Author: Jingyuan Tian (CN)

over everything

Remarkable Award

Author: Julius Jules (AT)

Osprey power

Remarkable Award

Author: Lasse Kurkela (FI)

Viewers art

Remarkable Award

Author: Maila Bidoli (IT)

Eye of Sauron

Remarkable Award

Author: Mateusz Piesiak (PL)


Remarkable Award

Author: Riccardo Marchegiani (IT)