Gallery: Architecture & Urban Spaces

Warp Speed

1° classified

Author: Mike Hollman (NZ)

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Description: I took this shot while traveling to Tokyo on the Yurikamome Line which takes its name from the common black-headed gull which populates the bay of said Japanese capital.

Women Reflection

2° classified

Author: Ali Al Hajri (AE)

Location: AD

Description: Two women walking reflect their images on the water and give birth to the exaltation of the geometry and architecture of Sheikh Zayed's Grand Mosque.


3° classified

Author: Roberto Tagliani (IT)

Location: Miami - USA

Description: In this photo we can see very vividly the unusual textures of a Miami skyscraper, highlight the geometry of the building, which dominates the magical American city.

Into the sky

Honorable Mention

Author: Feng Li (CN)

Location: Beijing, China

Description: I took this picture in Beijing in 2009, right after hearing the sudden noise of a plane flying over the buildings and right over me.


Honorable Mention

Author: David Bouscarle (FR)

Location: Lyon / France

Description: We are in the parking lot of Célestin in Lyon, France. This big column forms the central axis of the lot. There is a mirror in the background of the column that moves constantly and gives different and special perspectives.

Chrysler Building

Honorable Mention

Author: Jesus M. Garcia Flores (ES)

Location: New York City

Description: Sunrise, with a 7 minutes exposure to bring out the architecture of the Chrysler building.

The dar Fairy

Honorable Mention

Author: Marco Ferrari (IT)

Location: Los Angeles, Usa

Description: This image cames from the series "The dar Fairy”, a fine art project I shoot in Los Angeles. The building is the Walt Disney Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry. The series is focused on the harmonic complexity of Gehry's work.


Honorable Mention

Author: Giuseppe Antonio Valletta (IT)

Location: New York

Description: This shot, a view of Manhattan, was taken from Brooklyn, dock 3 of Columbia Street. 182 seconds of exposure on a late September afternoon 2015, during my honeymoon. That afternoon was pretty windy and the clouds were formed exactly as I hoped. When taking pictures with a long exposure, the sky always has its surprises.

Walking High

Honorable Mention

Author: Javier de la Torre (ES)

Location: Apple Store, 5th AVE, NYC

Description: An original perspective photographed from the stairs leading into the Apple Store off of Fifth Ave., in NYC, provides an opportunity to set the scene in the middle of skyscrapers in this American metropolis.


Honorable Mention

Author: Marco Pacini (IT)

Location: Firenze

Description: It only took two people climbing a spiral staircase in the Antinori wine cellar, of recent construction in Bargino (Florence), to emphasize and render the image more interesting.

Living place

Honorable Mention

Author: Qingjun Rong (CN)

Location: Larong Ditch, Seda County, Ganzi State, Sichuan Province

Description: I left Chengdu and arrived at Seda Tibetan Buddhist Institute, located at Larong Ditch, Seda County, Ganzi State, Sichuan Province. On that night it snowed a lot and the following morning the red houses of the Lamas and nuns were all covered with heavy snow. This was the first time that I saw such a scene and almost in shock, I took the picture.


Remarkable Award

Author: David Bouscarle (FR)

A thousand lives

Remarkable Award

Author: Carlo Maria Cafferini (IT)

Taj Mahal side mosque

Remarkable Award

Author: Jay Dickman (US)

Foggy Dubai Marina

Remarkable Award

Author: Sajeesh Shanmugan (AE)


Remarkable Award

Author: Spencer Cox (US)

Like large sea waves

Remarkable Award

Author: Giovanni Sonsini (IT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Ruobang Wang (CN)

Sand and Ice

Remarkable Award

Author: Steve Geer (US)

Timeless bridge

Remarkable Award

Author: Senén Fernández (ES)

new generation

Remarkable Award

Author: Matteo Musetti (IT)

Eurostar Madrid

Remarkable Award

Author: Arsenio Gálvez (ES)

White wall

Remarkable Award

Author: Ting Jin (CN)

Superman 3

Remarkable Award

Author: Lorenzo Salvatori (IT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Armin Appel (DE)

The anthill

Remarkable Award

Author: Vicente Moraga Costoso (ES)

The Calm of Art

Remarkable Award

Author: Sulaiman Al Hammadi (AE)

Less is more

Remarkable Award

Author: Cristina Paladini (IT)