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Strawberry Greenhouses

1° classified

Author: Leyla Emektar (TR)

Location: Nazilli - Aydin - Turkey

Description: To take this shot, I had to climb a relief which allowed me to include interesting, colored greenhouses located near Nazilli. To make the picture more interesting, I waited for the moment when a Turkish peasant who was working with the strawberries entered the frame.

Boys Trainers

2° classified

Author: Matjaz Krivic (SI)

Location: Diafarabe Mali

Description: When we met, the boy was carrying his shoes in his hands as he couldn't use them anymore. Traveling prepared makes a difference and with my sewing needle and dental floss, we patched them up, so that he could follow his herd.

Floating Market

3° classified

Author: Antonius Andre Tjiu (ID)

Location: South Borneo

Description: A floating market is a market where goods are displayed and sold from boats. Floating markets are developed in places where water transportation plays an important role in everyday life.

Prayers on the Road

Honorable Mention

Author: Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman (BD)

Location: Gazipur, Bangladesh

Description: Devotees pray during Jumma on the Dhaka-Mymensing highway on first day of Bishwa Ijtema, the second largest religious congregation of Muslims in the world after the Hajj, organised on the banks of the Turag River, Tongi, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Jodhpur family

Honorable Mention

Author: Isa Ebrahim (BH)

Location: India

Description: Colors, facial expressions, people's posture and a studied composition make this image particularly interesting as it portrays the Bhenwa family in the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, and is a true representation of the living conditions in this Indian city.

Net mending

Honorable Mention

Author: Hoang Long Ly (VN)

Location: Bac Lieu - Vietnam

Description: Some Vietnamese women are engaged in carrying out their daily work of mending fishing nets in a fishing village near Bac Lieu, a coastal district located in southern Vietnam, in the Mekong Delta region.

Playing in the sky

Honorable Mention

Author: James Rushforth (GB)

Location: Monte Piana

Description: This is Monte Piana (2324m) in the Italian Dolomites, above the small town of Misurina during the International Highline festival. The mountain is popular with walkers, and in particular slack liners, who come to take advantage of the mountains' numerous buttresses, suspending thin lines between the spectacular cliffs and then attempting to walk over the gaps.


Honorable Mention

Author: Aimin Wang (CN)

Location: Fujian, China

Description: Some people relaxing while reclining on chairs listening to a story in a Tea House, the traditional place for Chinese socialization. In Sichuan Province, China, the Tea House still has a vital role in the daily lives of the people: people enjoy the typical slow pace of their lifestyle.

The Make up

Honorable Mention

Author: Sanghamitra Sarkar (IN)

Location: India

Description: This little boy was being painted like Lord Krishna as preparation for acting in a village drama, while little Radha was looking on with intense curiosity.


Honorable Mention

Author: Alla Sokolova (FR)

Location: Singapore Zoo

Description: The polar bear spends most of its time on land. When it gets too hot, it slowly slides into the pool and swims as if it were floating in weightlessness. Everything changes at feeding time, when the polar bear becomes very active and can be very interesting to watch.

Song in tea house

Honorable Mention

Author: Hong Ding (CN)

Location: Jinlu village, Yinjiang Town, Yingjiang District of Ningbo City, China

Description: A tea plantation in Jinlu village , Yinjiang Town, Yingjiang District of Ningbo City, which is famous for its tea production in the Zhejiang Province. Among thousands of acres of high-quality, ecological tea plantations, between large waves of luxuriant green, the presence of working girls gives the scene liveliness.


Honorable Mention

Author: Changming Liu (CN)

Location: Thousand -Island Lake in Zhejiang Province, China - August 2000

Description: The thousand-island lake is located in the Chunan county of Zhejiang Province and with its 1078 green islands it has the largest number of islands in one lake all over the world. Fishermen work hard together at the lakeside, while the fish gallop on the surface, a typical characteristic of this lake. The perspective of the image shows the dynamism of the fish and the joys of the fishermen.

The Bedouin Boy

Honorable Mention

Author: Habib Alzadjali (OM)

Location: Oman

Description: A Bedouin boy with his family and their camel. The adults are wearing the traditional Omani Khanjar, a dagger still used in official ceremonies, as well as a symbol of the country.

The crazy train

Remarkable Award

Author: Guofeng Liu (CN)

Travel Prayer

Remarkable Award

Author: Abdur Rahman (BD)

Reine Blue Hour

Remarkable Award

Author: Javier de la Torre (ES)

Nets Of Life

Remarkable Award

Author: Jacky Wong Choon Kit (MY)

Bask in the sun

Remarkable Award

Author: Tiangong Xia (CN)


Remarkable Award

Author: Stefano Pensotti (IT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Michele Ardu (GB)

fisherman from tach

Remarkable Award

Author: Ali Alghafri (OM)

Cow Race

Remarkable Award

Author: David Wirawan (SG)

The Huntress

Remarkable Award

Author: Asher Svidensky (IL)

Living on Rubbish.

Remarkable Award

Author: Ziaul Haque (BD)

pray time

Remarkable Award

Author: Mohammad reaz uddin uddin (BD)

Sadhu and his motorbike

Remarkable Award

Author: Massimiliano Sticca (IT)

Time To Go Home 07

Remarkable Award

Author: David Nam Lip Lee (MY)