Gallery: The beauty of nature

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Author: Hasan Baglar (CY)

Location: Balikesir, Nicosia (Cyprus)

Description: When mantises are afraid of something they raise their arms and spread their wings. It's a normal behavior. They defend themselves. The author took the image while he wanted to touch the mantises and they attacked him, opening their wings and started to follow him. They look like smiling dancers.


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Author: Craig Bill (US)

Location: Texas and New Mexico's border (USA)

Description: This storm was not all that big, but it made up for it an intense electrical energy and light that was just incredible. This image comprises of five different lightning bursts layered over each other. Most of the image, the storm and lightning, took only fifteen to twenty minutes to catch, fusing these dynamic elements into only one photo.

Six cute little eyes

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Author: Alberto Ghizzi Panizza (IT)

Location: Golene del Po, Luzzara Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Description: These three small insects with characteristic big eyes, called damselflies, are heating up over a wild flower, before flying away. The image was taken on a cool spring morning at the river banks and flood plains of the Po river, the longest Italian river.

Wave of Change

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Author: Zak Noyle (US)

Location: Apocalypse (Indonesia)

Description: In a remote bay miles away from any town, strong currents carried large amounts of trash into the swell as a surfer rides through the trash filled barrel.

Twisting corazon del fuego

Honorable Mention

Author: Andy Shepard (US)

Location: Volcano Acatenango (Guatemala)

Description: After reaching a base camp at nearly 4000m altitude on Volcano Acatenango in Guatemala, Andy had to wait for the adjacent Volcano Fuego to erupt. This capture is of the 2nd eruption that night, at around 3:30am, when the smoke created a unique twisting effect.

Lake Bogoria (Kenya)

Honorable Mention

Author: Franco Cappellari (IT)

Location: Kenya

Description: Lake Bogoria is a saline water shallow located in the northern region of the Kenyan Rift, and known as the most beautiful view in Africa. The lake is a superb scenery of hills populated by dry bushes, grasslands and riverine forests, framing the calm water populated by millions of flamingoes.

Descent to rivendell

Honorable Mention

Author: Enrico Fossati (IT)

Location: Alta Savoia (France)

Description: During a violent thunderstorm in the valley of High Savoy set inside the Grand Massif, Enrico found refuge inside a big cave in the mountain. From the inside of the cave he had the chance to capture and admire a dangerous and fascinating summer storm. The quick movement of the clouds gave him only few chances to capture the scene in good conditions, than the clouds descended downing the curtain. The title was inspired to an artwork by the illustrator John Howe.

Sunrise Stars

Honorable Mention

Author: Warren Keelan (AU)

Location: Lady Elliott Island, Queensland (Australia)

Description: The distinct colouring of the blue starfish (Linckia laevigata) makes them an extremely eye catching subject to photograph. This pair seemed to compliment the blue and orange tones of a warm reef sunrise above.

Natural abstract

Honorable Mention

Author: Petar Sabol (HR)

Location: Mala Subotica (Croatia)

Description: On one hot summer's day, while strolling along a nearby pond, Petar noticed few dragonflies mating and flying down on a floating stem of a water lily. In order to get close enough to them, he had to get in the water up to his waist and wait. He set himself up in order to use their reflection and the reflection of the bright sky and the clear water. They were constantly flying up and down the stem. Their game of mating lasted for about half an hour and this is how long it took for them to make an interesting formation with reflection, precisely what this photo presents.


Honorable Mention

Author: Warren Keelan (AU)

Location: Wollongong, New South Wales (Australia)

Description: Warren spends a lot of time with his camera in the ocean, documenting unique sculptures created by liquid motion and light. He is fascinated by the way nature can form unusual shapes and patterns and he is compelled to capture these ephemeral forms while swimming.

Waterspout over Concordia

Remarkable Award

Author: William Demasi (IT)

Supercell at sunset

Remarkable Award

Author: William Demasi (IT)

Autumn mist

Remarkable Award

Author: Fiorenzo Rondi (IT)

Curious bridesmaids

Remarkable Award

Author: Roberto Aldrovandi (IT)

Under the umbrella

Remarkable Award

Author: Giuseppe Bonali (IT)

Hani terraces

Remarkable Award

Author: Thierry Bornier (CN)

Any space for me?

Remarkable Award

Author: Marco Urso (IT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Alessio Andreani (GB)


Remarkable Award

Author: Tommy Teh (MY)